I’m Elle Williams, a journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston. 13892372_10210567106832529_430023559760151575_n This blog is just a place for me and my concerns about the world, of which I have many. I’m focusing a bit on race issues in the nation, paying particular attention to the language we use in discussing race. Check that out under the “beat” category.

In my spare time, I play rugby, do some social justice work concerning the Asian American and queer communities (with a focus on intersectionality between the two), and geek out about the usage of master class statuses in mediocre sci-fi shows. My work has been featured on sites like the Huffington Post, Blast Magazine, WGBH and WCVB. You can find me on Twitter as well!

I also run a separate blog on mixed race issues, called I Am Hapa. If you have any interest in contributing to that blog, shoot me an email at or leave a comment.

Header image (below) was taken by me at a rally in NYC following the verdict of the George Zimmerman case in 2013. All rights reserved.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.28.52 AM.png

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