Goodbye Boston, Hello Winchester, Virginia! 

Holy mackerel, it’s hard to believe that next week it’s gonna be May! April has been a true whirlwind and sorry to be so cliché, but what everyone says about Jordan Year is right. Twenty-three has been nothing but blessings.

For starters, I turned 23 on March 31st, drove to Maryland to interview for an on-air position on April 1st, got the offer April 2nd, and accepted the offer April 3rd. Scrambled to find an apartment and a car, got my car insurance and my lease signed yesterday, and am moving on the 30th! Goodbye Boston, hello Winchester, Virginia!

In the middle of this, I found out that one of the pieces I produced on the Syrian Refugee Crisis (with the help of Suma Hussien, Olivia Arnold, and of course, Mike Beaudet) won a Student Emmy! On top of that, WCVB’s Chronicle episode on Greece that I contributed to was nominated for a real, full-blown Emmy!

Most importantly, I have such gratitude to all of the remarkable people in my life. There are too many to mention by name, but to all the people encouraging me and giving me guidance: thank you for steering me in the right direction. To all of my friends in the trenches, grinding through classes, in jobs you love or through projects that give you life: I see you and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Whether it’s defending your thesis, presenting at conferences across the country, getting into grad school, graduating, or getting that dream internship, celebrate your achievements and the achievements of those around you! Lindsay Crouse got it right in her op-ed on Shalane Flanagan, “It’s not so lonely at the top if you bring others along.” There’s nothing better than watching my friends kill the game, giving me so much inspiration to do and be my best. #WeKeepClimbing


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