APIs for Black Lives Matter pt 1

For my final project, I’m interested in focusing on the involvement–or lack thereof–of Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) in the Black Lives Matter movement, with a focus in the Boston/Cambridge area. I am in contact with the Sticky Rice Project, a subset of the community organizing program Asian American Resource Workshop. The Sticky Rice Project is currently running an anti-Black racism workshop to combat the prejudice that often runs in the Asian American community.

I have a contact at the Sticky Rice Project that I’ve spoken to about the project, and have reached out to the Black Lives Matter chapters to try to set up interviews. I’m also going to reach out to leadership in the Asian American organizations at BU, BC, Harvard and MIT to see if they are running any sort of anti-Black racism programming at their universities. I know that Northeastern is doing this sort of work, so I also intend to interview the staff members at the Asian American Center to get a perspective about what work is happening at Northeastern.

I intend for this story to be primarily video driven, perhaps with the written story focusing on Northeastern itself. For the slideshow aspect, I intend to focus on the action that community groups are taking, so for example, marches, demonstrations or programming that the groups are involved in.


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